Your child needs you now more than ever. You are the person who makes things happen behind the scenes. We could say you have just as much skin in the game as your athlete. Every success they have is your success. Their failure, your failure.
Sports used to be the thing you bonded over. Now it is the source of much contention.

 This program is for parents who want to regain their love of the game and strengthen their relationship with their child in the process. Parents who want to be the example not only for their athlete, but for other parents. Who want to support their child in the way their child needs them to.  

This program is for leaders who are raising future leaders.

If you are ready to...

* STOP yelling at your child (or the refs)

* SUPPORT the entire team

* CONNECT with your athlete

* BE the example

Then this program is for you! Not only are you getting accountability each week, but I have a clear plan to keep you on the path towards the goals you want the most. 

Managing your mind is the KEY to supporting your child.

It is the MISSING PIECE that makes everything worth it.

The late nights, team builders, and coordinating carpooling. The wins. The losses. The intense travel schedule. All of it.

You want your child to learn the tools to succeed in life, not just on the field.

But it starts with you.

How would you feel ...

* if PLAYING TIME wasn’t a problem?

* if you LOVED the coach?

* if you never felt EMBARRASSED?

* if you weren’t AFRAID of your child failing?

* if you VALUED your opinion of yourself and your child over others opinion of you both?

What could you do if you were...

* MORE confident?

* LESS frustrated?

* a better LEADER?

* without STRESS?


Program Features

* 6-week commitment

* 45-minute coaching session each week

* 1-on-1 and Group options available

* Meetings held through Zoom app

* Exercises to do throughout each week

* Additional support via email and text


I can't wait to meet you!
If you would like to see if you are a good fit for this program, click below to schedule a complimentary call!


“Dani is incredibly knowledgeable and personable which makes her extremely good at what she does as a mindset coach. My day to day life has completely changed since I started meeting with her. Dani has been a major force for good in my self-image, relationships, and health. I am extremely grateful for her time because I used to feel there was something wrong with me. By meeting with her regularly, all of that has changed. She was able to see the full picture and help me see things in a different light, giving me a plan of action to move forward. I don’t know where I would be had I not started to meet with her. Everyone needs a coach like Dani.”

Rachel N.
Fitness Coach

"Working with Dani has been a game-changer. She is laser-focused on getting to the heart of the matter. She offers insights and observations that stretch me and strengthen my ability to grow. Dani's unique perspective has helped me look at things in my life I was avoiding due to fear or insecurity and helped to transform it into positive energy to take action and reach my goals."

Jodie D.