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Let's talk sports...

It doesn’t matter if you are 3 years old or the best in the world. You have a coach. In fact, the better you get at your sport, the more you need a coach. Different coaches offer different perspectives. Even though professional athletes understand their sport very well, and can explain technique and strategy like no other.

They know that an outside perspective in invaluable.

Sports are very spiritual for me. I love connecting with other humans through sports. Athletes are my people. I feel very strongly about the value of sports and competition, and the life lessons we learn through engaging in sport. 

I love ALL sports — watching, playing, I’m game!

More specifically, I am fascinated by what makes some athletes and teams successful over others.

Especially when two teams seem to be equally matched, what’s the difference? I think we all know, it’s the mindset! Our brains literally control everything in our lives.

Having been a college athlete myself (volleyball is my jam), I found it very frustrating to go from a highly successful high school program with big dreams of playing at a higher level in college , only to actually get to college and find that my high school team was more competitive than my college team. Going from having outstanding coaches, to a coach who didn’t seem to care, and feeling like I had no control over my future was hard. Even after my college career was over, it was easy to blame others for why I didn’t achieve some of my dreams. The transition from “college athlete” to an “adult” with a Bachelors degree and no sense of identity was extremely challenging. 

That's when I found a Life Coach and everything changed!

Brooke Castillo and Jody Moore are the mentors who have truly transformed how I think. I have so much more AWARENESS about how my brain works, how I can OWN everything in my life, and how I can CREATE anything I want for my future! This was a game changer!

The truth is, it is easy to look for and find evidence for any story we tell ourselves.

I am so grateful for all the coaches I have had, and am extremely passionate about the power of coaching! I firmly believe EVERYONE needs a coach. Coaches help us see what we can’t. They guide us, love us, and help us discover who we truly are, and what we really want.

Whether you are currently an athlete or are a parent to an athlete; if you have retired your uniform or simply love sports as much as I do, then we just might be a great fit! If there is any thing in your life you are struggling with, feeling stuck, or any goal you aren’t achieving, let me help you live your life to the fullest and help you create your BEST season yet!

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